Sydney Tattoo

The Hills Tattoo Artist Rafe Nicholson

A lifelong interest in tattoos & tattoo art in general led me to acquire tattoos in my teens, the experience was a bit "hit and miss" and led me to work on my drawing skills with the aim of someday putting tattoos on people that didn't look like a dogs' breakfast.

After a brief apprenticeship I was fortunate enough to be welcomed into Jacks' team at Hills Tattoo. Working amongst such talented artists putting out
consistently high quality work daily is a constant source of inspiration.

My influences are too many to mention, I'm a fan of tattoos that look like tattoos be that oriental, traditional, black & grey and so forth. I prefer to draw the majority of my work to suit each individuals needs and enjoy the challenge of guiding peoples ideas to life on paper then skin.

I was once attacked by an Anglo-Nubian goat whilst trespassing in a stonefruit orchard in a brazen attempt to photograph koi in a dam for tattoo reference.

Come and get tattooed people!