Sydney Tattoo

The Hills Tattoo Artist Robin “Jack” Smith

I have had a fascination with tattoos for as long as I could remember. I always enjoyed art and wanted to find a job that would let me make a living creating art. After studying fine arts and then graphic design at TAFE for years I was getting tattooed more and more. This lead to being offered a tattoo apprenticeship at Tattoo Xtreme in Queanbeyan NSW in 2002 and I jumped at the chance. Since then I have had the opportunity travel extensively and to work alongside some amazing tattooers from all over the world.  I moved from Melbourne to Sydney in 2012 and after deciding to stay in Sydney The Hills Tattoo & Social Club was born.
Working mostly in street shops has meant I can tattoo in a range of styles but I do find most of my influence from Japanese and traditional American tattooing. A better tattooer than I once told me a good tattoo should be one third black, one third colour, one third left negative and be clear enough to understand from across the room. That has really stayed with me and I try to adhere to these rules as much as I can while creating a piece that the client is happy with.