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If you are looking for a tattoo parlour near Surry Hills you need look no further. Sydney Tattoo Studios can fill all your needs for custom body art. We have a variety of experienced tattoo artists who can custom design the tattoo of your dreams. We have artists who work in all of the major styles of tattoos and some of the most exotic designs.

We Offer Many Styles of Tattoos

We have artists that do Polynesian tattoos, Portrait tattoos or Black & Grey tattoos. They are accomplished in Neo-Traditional tattoos, New School Tattoos and Colour tattoos. If you are looking for Flash-, Japanese-, Watercolour- or Tribal tattoos, we are the tattoo shop near Surry Hills for you!

Many potential new customers will merely shop around an idea for a tattoo looking for the lowest price. Would you pick someone to remove your appendix just because they were the cheapest? Wouldn't you want to know whether they had ever performed that procedure before and what the results were?

We all have friends who got a tattoo in Surry Hills have some serious tattoo regret. Sometimes the artwork was ill conceived. Sometimes the artist was in over their head on the skills required to pull off that complicated piece. Maybe what started as a good idea became untenable after a few changes were made during the process? No matter what the cause, it didn’t work out very well and the customer wound up with permanent ink that they hate or that they find embarrassing.

There are a number of ways to prevent that situation. The most important consideration is clear communication between the artist and the customer. That way the artist understands the client's expectations and the ultimate look and feel of the proposed tattoo. Another requirement is that if the artist feels that the idea is ill-conceived or will just look foolish, they need to share that concern with the customer. It is better for the client to be upset with the artist up front for not sharing their vision than being extremely upset when the finished product does, in fact, look silly, and the artist didn't raise their experienced opinion.

We are Your Tattoo Shop in Surry Hills

At our tattoo shop in Surry Hills, we emphasise to all of our artists that it is preferable to lose the customer than to perform work that we know will be a disaster. Giving the customer what they want is paramount to us. However, just like in many other aspects of life, there are limits. We want our customers to be extremely proud of their body art, and our artists also take great pride in their craft. After all, the artist performs the art! No tattoo artist wants anyone to comment on their work: "Who did that Crappy tattoo on your back?"

So when you need a tattoo parlour in Surry Hills, call Sydney Tattoo for the shop near you.