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The Hill's best street and custom tattoo studio

The hills TattooOur philosophy is to give everyone who comes through our doors a good quality tattoo and a great experience getting it. No matter who you are, you deserve a good tattoo that will stand the test of time. We have an amazing team of committed tattooers working in a diverse range of styles. At The Hills we put integrity before profit and want to work with our clients to create lasting and beautiful tattoos.

The studio itself is inviting and laid back, drawing influence from tattoo parlours of a bye gone era while keeping the work area sanitary and well lit to provide our staff and customers alike a positive space in which to be tattooed. Have a game of pool- share a laugh with the other clients getting a tattoo is a social experience and should be a memorable one. All of our staff are passionate about tattooing and will help guide you through the process whether this is your first tattoo or another in a vast collection. We have years of experience and a huge library of reference to draw from when creating your tattoo, feel free to book a consult with any of our tattooers if you want advice or assistance in designing your next piece.

The Hills Tattoo parlour not only meets but exceeds the NSW skin penetration guidelines for tattooing and piercing. Your health and that of our staff is of paramount importance to us. We choose to use the highest quality products we can source, from single use sterile needles, handmade precision tattoo machines and pigments that are certified safe for use in tattooing, solid and bright. Our body jewellery is US union made and guaranteed implant grade. Wherever possible we choose to use sustainable and locally sourced products to minimise our impact of the earth.

King St Tattoo and Broadway Tattoo also have facilities for laser tattoo removal and lightening of old and unwanted tattoos. We are working to both update and rework this website so please watch this space.

The Hills Social Club and Tattoo Parlour - 6 Seven Hills Road Baulkham Hills
Phone: (02) 9639-9000
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Our opening hours are 12noon to 9pm, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and 12noon till 10pm Wednesday to Saturday.

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